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Our CEO Shavonne Bowman

Shavonne Bowman brings a wealth of knowledge to the community she serves. Shavonne is a fitness guru, with a passion for seeing her community thrive.  Shavonne has taken the fitness community by storm by launching her own 2BFIT clothing line. By promoting the 10N10 fitness program she has helped the community lose a cumulative number of over 1000lbs. She takes pride in hosting community events to help the community reach its fitness goals.


Shavonne has taken 2BFIT to higher levels by obtaining her insurance license to help the community 2BFIT financially. Shavonne’s desire to see the community excel physically, emotionally, financially, mentally, and spiritually drives her desire and passion to be the best version of herself she can be. 


Shavonne Bowman is an international best-selling author. She was a contributing author in “The Aftermath Life After.” The book was based on ten women’s stories of overcoming obstacles and how they were able to persevere through their traumas.


While Shavonne wears many hats professionally, personally she is a wife and mother of eight children. She is a bright star that illuminates any room she enters with her bright smile and winning personality.  

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Do you have an event and you are looking for speakers with a great message? You have found one of the best! Shavonne Bowman has an amazing speaker sheet with topics ranging from financial literacy to health and fitness. Book Shavonne Bowman for your next event.

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